With a few simple steps, you can activate your Tag Your Target account and start monitoring and analyzing your products data.
1) Register

Fill out the form below by choosing the plan that best suits your needs.

The FREE plan will be activated automatically; for paid plans you will be contacted by our team (no prepayment is required).

2) Embed the script

Receive the tracking script to be included on the pages of your site.

By activating the FREE plan, you will immediately receive the tracking script; for paid plans, in addition to the tracking scripts, you will receive login credentials to manage the content related to the communication with your clients and consumers.

3) Know, communicate and wow

Start monitoring and analyzing your QR Codes queries.

Find out when, where and who queried your QR Codes and start analyzing the progress of your business. In addition, by selecting one of the paid plans, you will have the opportunity to know and communicate with your clients and consumers.